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Join/Renew your NRA membership & help support the Freeport Junior Club at the same time...
Creatures from the 'Black Lagoon'
(McCarthy & Klinton)
are always at our door!

Donate to the 'Chwick v. Mulvey' Appeal of
Nassau County County's Local Law #5
The 'disguised' handgun ban law.
Every little bit helps.

Carpe Diem (Lat: "Seize the Day")

Dirshu Mishpat (Heb: "Seek Justice")

Molon labe (Grk: "Come and get them!" (mo-lone lah-veh))

Sapere Aude (Lat: "Dare to Know")

Semper Fidelis (Lat: "Always/Ever Faithful")

Sub Recuso (Lat: "Under Protest" (U.P.))

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